Inspirational, Healing, Meditation, Metaphysical, Space music, Meditatio

n music, Husic, Cosmic music, Electronic music, Symphonic music.

"The undisputed founder of Symphonic Sacred Spacemusic."
- International Acclaim Reviews
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"Deep, profound, passionate, spiritual... Demby's passion is to explore the
nature of sound and sculpt a living soundscape that heals the soul."
- Desert Sounds Review


"Few artists express the majesty and grandeur of the spiritual realms
as eloquently as Constance on her numerous recordings."
- New Frontiers

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Ambrosial Waves -Tidal Pools

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Valley Entertainment / Hearts of Space / Albums


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent


"One of the greatest musical works of our time."
"A powerful, emotive, uplifting symphony - sets exceptionally
high standards."
"The Mozart Requiem of the New Age."


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent


Dedicated to the Healing of the Heart

"An album of epic proportions...sweeping, awesome,
majestic, deeply spiritual music devoted to the care of the soul."

"Arguably one of the greatest albums released,
in any genre, during the last ten years."


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent

S a n c t u m S a n c t u o r u m
Sanctuary of Sublime Peace

Majestic, tender, and passionately spiritual
"There is a lot of music out there , but few that truly
touch the soul; this is one of the few."
"She's found a way to make time reverse..."


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent

. ..

S p i r i t T r a n c e
Film Scores, Spiritual Trance States

Symphonic, hypnotic, ambient journey thru time & space, earth & cosmos
"Strong holistic healing and psychoactive overtone properties."
"A masterful spiritual journey from one of the best of the genre,
the first lady of e-music."


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent

Gateway to the Sacred Space within

Infused with a special quality, this music is used worldwide
by teachers and healers such as Brugh Joy, MD as
a profound Heart-opening Mudra.
"Demby's inspired music is sonic light by which to see."


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Hearts of Space / Valley Ent

S e t . F r e e - The Definitive Edition
"A masterful release by an established synthesizer artist."

Rhythmic and celebratory... intensely moving electronic soundscapes...
a majestic celestial voyages for inner travelers.
"A first-rate album by an artist in her prime."
"Might make much of your recorded collection seem tame..."


Sound Currents / Ambient Atmosphere Series
Soothing Nurturing Sounds for Healing Relaxation & Meditation
Ambient Atmosphere Series
....... ...

Sound Currents

AMBROSIAL WAVES - Healing Waters
A floating, deeply peaceful, healing meditation ... Calming ... Nurturing ...
MELTS stress - Transforms time and space ...
Can be played continuously in the backgroundfor de-stressing,
healing, relaxation, massage, meditation, etc.
"A soothing sonic salve for body, mind and soul…
necessary in this turbulent age"

"Cellular healing, musical white magic, vibrational music medicine..".

Ambient Atmosphere Series
Soothing Nurturing Sounds for Healing, Relaxation, Meditation

Ambient Atmosphere Series
..................... ...
by Jim Wilson / Tulku Music
Sound Currents

God's Cricket Chorus
-by Jim Wilson / Tulku Music

An ANGELIC Symphony sung by Mother Nature
An enchanting and magical recording !
Sung by the crickets themselves, this amazing recording
creates a natural soothing atmosphere for peace, serenity, and healing

Ambient Atmosphere Series
Soothing Nurturing Sounds for Healing, Relaxation, Meditation

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Sound Currents


Ambient Atmosphere Series DEAL!

Ambrosial Waves & God's Cricket Chorus
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Ambient Atmosphere Series
Soothing Nurturing Sounds for Healing, Relaxation, Meditation

Ambient Atmosphere Series
Ambrosial Waves /Tidal Pools

Sound Currents

Ambrosial Waves /Tidal Pools
'A soothing sonic salve for body, mind & soul'

This new version is the same music divided into seven sections for when you
wish to enjoy this deeply relaxing, healing music in shorter listening formats.

Ambient Atmosphere Series
Soothing Nurturing Sounds for Healing, Relaxation, Meditation

Sound Currents Albums

A T T U N E M E N T - Live in LA
Attune and Uplift your being with this extraordinary transmission
NEW Version! Digitally Remastered with 32bit Technology

"The very heart and soul of a master musician at work...
a voyage through space and time that's as good as it gets."
"A dynamic sonic catharsis...all-encompassing sound..
...a cosmic benediction."


S o n i c . I m m e r s i o n
Vibrational Sound Healing Chakra Attunement with the Space Bass

"This CD left me cosmically cleansed to a depth I have not felt before." .
"Took me deeply into the chakras to view my issues and fill them with light"
..... "Sonic Immersion is a revelation."


"A profound sonic vista of love and caring...Reaches to the
foundations of the human spirit."
"The sort of music that crosses all boundaries between dark and light."

. ..

L i v e . i n . T o k y o - CD & DVD

"While there are many pretenders to the throne,
listeners can be sure that the music of Constance Demby is the real thing."

"Gorgeously expansive synths-based music...."

L i g h t . o f . t h i s .W o r l d
'Best Of' Compilation Album
#1 TOP TEN PLAYLIST “Darkness of Space”

"A lot of albums claim "best of"; this one delivers.
Demby is a visionary musician, and this album
should whet your appetite for more."


S u n b o r n e

A full-bodied symphonic tone-poem with lyrics from the
"Emerald Tablets," an ancient text by Hermes Trismegistus.

"A feast for the ears and an incredible vibrational voyage for the soul "

"Deep interior tunings, extraordinary sounds,
a symphonic poem of majesty and power."

S k i e s . a b o v e . S k i e s

"Expansive vistas of heaven where listening is almost like flying"

"An international palette of musical mysticism...intoxicating...! "

"Like the nectar of profound innocence....
intoxicating layers upon layers of sounds and voices

"Some of the highest music produced on earth, at any time."


Live in Tokyo - DVD

Exquisitely crafted Japanese production
"There are precious few concert DVDs of this genre of music
on the market, and even less filmed at this level of sophistication."
“ Spiritually uplifting and transcendent,
Live in Tokyo is Constance's best kept secret!"

I l l u m i n a t i o n - DVD
An experienceof light, sound and color designed to
nurture harmony, peace and inspiration,

"Visual music" - pictures for your ears, music for your eyes".
"A remarkable collage of sight and sound....a mind bending breakthrough
of abstract imagery....leaves jaw dropping viewers mesmerized."

Guided Meditations

..Heart Meditation / The Beloved -
with the Music of Constance Demby

Guided Meditations with ARJUNA ARDAGH-
Author of the highly acclaimed bestselling - THE TRANSLUCENT REVOLUTION

Learn how to absorb all thought, feeling and sensation back
into the emanation of the One True Heart


The Journey Home
with the Music of Constance Demby

Guided Meditation with Sananda - through Eterna
A deep journey into the integration of past, present and future events
in ourselves and on the earth, including the ultimate ascension of
earth and humanity.

The Master Healing Ray
with the Music of Constance Demby

Guided Meditation with Sananda - through Eterna
A sublime magnificent blend of perfectly orchestrated
channeled word & sound. Learn how to invoke the Master Healing Ray
to bring forth your own healings and manifestations

How to Listen for the deepest healing

Interview with Astreaux World

Music is a realm of consciousness the listener enters by traveling on a beam of sound.
The more authentically the composer is connected to Source when they received the music,
the purer the transmission, and thus the more potent will be the effect upon the listener.
Essentially, the listener can travel to that same place as the composer went when receiving the music.

Classical Comparisons

The music of Constance Demby has been compared by critics and fans to:

Bach, Mozart, Brahams, Handel,
Wagner, Mendelssohn, Mahler,
Puccini, Palestrina, Rachminoff
Tchaikovsky, Bruckner, Vangelis
Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Copland
Hildegard Von Bingen
Mozart's 'Requiem'
Beethoven's 'Ninth'
Handel's 'Messiah'
Mahler's '8th Symphony'
Debussy's 'Afternoon of a Faun'
Bach's 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring'
Pachebel's 'Canon'

"The Mozart Requiem of the New Age exciting and powerful musical experience." - Audio Amateur

"....Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, and Puccini, stand aside. And at the very pinnacle, Beethoven himself must share some space with you." - Schmidt Memorial Institute

"The final movements of Mahler's 8th Symphony, or Debussy's Afternoon of a Faun come close to comparison..." - Gerry Gryzb

"There is no other recording in the electronic genre rooted in the harmonies of Bach and the romantics that is so heartfelt, so will be moved "- USA Today

'We could not help but be reminded of the well-known
Requiems by Faure and Durufle." - Int'l Acclaim Reviews

"This listener was a times reminded of Palestrina, Debussy or Ravel, and even at one point of Copland. The opening passage is a tribute to Bach's monumental organ works..."- D. Johnson, Sunday Post

"....The sheer scale, richness and depth of the piece is truly MAGNIFICENT. The first side brings to mind Brahams at the level of the divine, and the second, Bach-Handel-Mozart and the rest of the classicists in heaven." - D. Hallock

"...Belongs right up there with Beethoven's "Ninth,"Handel's "Messiah," Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and Mozart's "Requiem" as one of the great inspirational and spiritual compositions of all time!" - -Jim Brenholts -"TRACKS ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: A CHRONOLOGY OF AMBIENT AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC"

"A remarkable tour de force, (AEterna) the lushly romantic sounds remind one of Rachminoff and Tchaikovsky."

"This is new-age Bruckner: sweeping, awesome, majestic, deeply spiritual music devoted to the care of the soul."-Dr. Greenfield

"Bach-like organ crescendos, Vivaldi-like string passages...." - Lee Underwood, Pulse Mag

"....Your music helps to save me from myself. "Darkness of Space" ranks in depth, spiritual quality and sheer beauty with Bach, Mahler and Pachebel's Cannon." - P. Winston

"I believe your music will join and surpass the great clssics created by masters such as Beethoven and Wagner." - Mahuleia Kealualei


Chronos (Space Bass)
Rhino Records New Visions - Celestial Voyagers
Earthtone Records / Sonic Images - Ascension 
OMNI Magazine Vol 4 - Deep Space   
OMNI Magazine Vol 7 - Close Encounters   
Private Music Polar Shift   - A Benefit for Antarctica
FLMX Records - Music for Dreams   
Priority Records - The Best New Age   
Rising Star Records - Celestial Journey
Eros Music - Dreams and Emotions  
Lyricon - Musica Para Desparecer Dentro   
Hearts of Space - New Romantics - Classical Collection   
Hearts of Space - MBNT - Proto Ambient Music  
Hearts of Space - Universe Sampler 90   
Hearts of Space - Universe Sampler 4 


"I AM music, most ancient of the arts.
I am more than ancient:
I am eternal.
Even before life commenced upon this earth,
I was here - in the winds and the waves.
When the first trees and flowers and grasses appeared,
I was among them.

And when humanity came,
I at once became the most delicate, most subtle,
and most powerful medium for the expression of their emotions.
When they were little better than beasts,
I influenced them for their good.

In all ages I have inspired humanity with hope,
kindled their love,
given a voice to their joys,
cheered them on to valorous deeds,
and soothed them in times of despair.

I have played a great part in the drama of Life,
whose end and purpose
is the complete perfection of humanity's nature.
Through my influence
human nature has been uplifted,
sweetened and refined.

A long line of the brightest minds
have devoted themselves to the perfection of instruments
through which they may utilize my powers
and enjoy my charms.

I have myriads of voices and instruments.
I am in the hearts of all peoples and on their tongues,
in all lands and among all cultures:
the ignorant and unlettered know me,
not less than the rich and learned.

For I speak to all peoples,
in a language that all understand.
Even the deaf hear me,
if they but listen to the voices of their own souls.

I am the food of love.
I have taught humanity gentleness and peace:
and I have led them onward to heroic deeds.
I comfort the lonely,
and I harmonize the discord of crowds.
I am a necessary luxury to all.
I AM music."

- Allen Inman

artwork by Bryan de Flores

Copyright 1999-2000 Constance Demby.  All Rights Reserved.