A m b i e n t A t m o s p h e r e S e r i e s


A floating, deeply healing, peaceful meditation ... Calming ... Nurturing .
Transforms time and space ... A gateway to dissolve into healing waters
and extended, deepened states of consciousness. Can be played continuously
in the background for de-stressing, healing, relaxation, massage, meditation.
Total time: 72 min

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"Cellular healing, musical white magic, vibrational musical medicine..."

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New! Ambrosial Waves - Tidal Pools
The NEW Tidal Pools version is the same music divided into seven parts, 'seven waves' so as to enjoy this deeply relaxing healing music in shorter listening formats

IMPORTANT INFO! MP3 <versus> the CD
On a technological level, in order to easily and quickly transmit an MP3 file, the music file is minimized down to a small size for ease and speed of downloading over the internet.

However, there are issues with MP3 format that fans need to be aware of; this rare gift from Spirit with its range of subtle, refined tones and frequencies that can result in dramatic healings and transformation, can literally be squashed by MP3 format, resulting in potential losses receiving the full-on, in-depth healing and transformation.

If your purpose is to receive the
FULL BENEFIT and FULL BANDWITH of ALL the subtle healing tones and frequencies, we recommend the CD. This may not be so important for other albums, but it has been shown to be true for Demby albums.


The Secrets & Mysteries of the 7th Interval-

Andy Garibaldi - "Dead Earnest Reviews"

“A subtly flowing and slowly changing set of electronic music soundscapes and choral calm... Ripples of time and space... Foggy windless oceans... A distant bell... The sound of the universe slowly spreading out through endless reaches of the infinite... A multi-textured sea of beauty... A wondrous epic of cosmic bliss... The sort of spirituality that makes you feel at one with the universe... A down-to-earth spirituality that makes you riveted to the journey that you have undertaken, and makes you want to take that trip again, time after time after time. If ever God – whoever your god may be – wanted a moment away from holding together the structure of the universe, this is the music to which that god would listen – the pinnacle of glory itself.”

Comments/ Reviews
from Listeners

Bathed in a sound wave of silk.
"This album is just truly awesome and relaxing. Its definitely taking me to a place that I needed to go to in my mind for relaxation and stress relief. Constance has always released excellent music, and continues here with "Ambrosial Waves". Beautiful, peaceful, relaxed...like being bathed in a sound wave of silk, with stars shining all around. You will love this."
-David Davis

“Ambrosial Waves is absolutely SUBLIME – my favorite of all your work (so far!)”- Chris Woodbury

“What did I do last night??? Listened to Ambrosial Waves…..over and over……more Ambrosia please…..” -S Sutton

"We have been listening to Ambrosial waves now for a month and I feel that I am being rocked by the goddess with such sweet love...The waves of the music have become so much a part of me that I hear it even when I am not playing the CD." - Kai & Chris

“Instantaneous relief and de-stressing…” -JB Arnett

"I am in heavenly bliss !!!!! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL...But tell me --how I supposed to work now ??!! I'm too relaxed..!!!" -S Covington

“I feel Ambrosia is like medicine. Only much better. A great de-stressor.”- Br. Mike

"A kind of a hypnogogic state settled in.... I think I fell asleep for while... (or did I?) At a certain point the steady washing effect of the healing waves penetrated the body... muscles relaxed... stress released. As the waves kept coming, mind became helpless to resist... chatter surrendered... all went quiet... and spirit was free to fly and expand into ecstatic states..."

"A soothing sonic salve for body, mind and soul…Now, more than ever,
people need to benefit from the positive vibrations of your music.” -CG

"This is an awesome album! I LOVE IT!" -R Cosseboom

“This new album works and clears the energy body the same way your other more dynamic albums do, except that it does it very, very gently and very, very slowly. Your listeners are likely still being processed by it, but may not be aware of it or may not have noticed, because this music does its work slowly and gently, and the process takes T-I-M-E. The increased amounts of stress in the atmosphere actually called forth this kind of music from you: it’s right on target for the times we’re in now.” -K Safir

“When this music plays, all is well ..... Thank you for sharing your music with the world, you are Magnificent, you are a Treasure!” -Chai

When I listen to it I'm transported to a happier, more wondrous, even ecstatic place. And yes, it brings tears to my eyes every single time. In these end-of-times / beginning-of-times, whatever peace we can find within is a blessed state indeed. Your CDs truly help with that. -Harrigan

"I play the new CD everyday, it's healing the atmoshere and relaxes me. It keeps me focused on Spirit and has added a deep peace to the atmosphere of my home. Thank you for capturing the sound of surrender to perfect peace.. You are our gift.” -Kelley

"We both have a hard time winding the day down, and generally put a CD in the player to help promote sleep. Have used it for almost a week now and have yet to make it to the end. For us, goal reached and success.... job well done. A very calming piece of work, and very much appreciated.”

"In this tumultuous time, turbulent waves
are being calmed by Ambrosial Waves."

“I used it to meditate to, just before going to work, and leaned back in my car hearing it for about 20 minutes before starting my shift.  It calmed, soothed and collected me... And I got so many ideas that I had to get my microrecorder out and started recording ideas that flooded into my thoughts. It sent me into a creative brainstorming session and set the stage for a great day at work." -From the Artist who created the Cover Art

Special Limited Edition
of AMBROSIAL WAVES / Healing Waters

the same music formatted into FOUR INDIVIDUAL SELECTIONS,


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God's Cricket Chorus

Ambient Atmosphere Series

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