Constance Demby - Live in LA

DIGITALLY RE-MASTERED - 32 bit technology
cover art by Chai Gallahan

Attune and Uplift
with this extraordinary transmission,
a live concert considered a "miracle"
"masterpiece of spontaneous composition
(spontaneous combustion)" by critics and listeners

"A dynamic sonic catharsis...all-encompassing sound...a cosmic benediction...Don't just "listen" to this album. Give it, and you, the space needed. Get very comfortable and secure, and fall into the arms of Mother Connie. Attunement is a live concert with only one woman at the controls, bowing, singing, keying her Kurzweills. The live recording, is, in fact, a miracle. Connie's pretty outrageous, don't you think? Thank god(dess) someone is!"
- Carol Wright, Music reviewer

"The very heart and soul of a master musician at work...
A voyage through space and time that's
as good as it gets."
-Andy Garibaldi - CD Services, Scotland

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Important Information about MP3 <versus> CD

Technically speaking, in order to easily and quickly transmit an MP3 file, the music file is minimized way down to a small size for ease and speed of downloading over the internet.

However, there are issues with this format that fans need to be aware of -
particularly with this music and its extended range of subtle, refined healing tones and frequencies which can result in dramatic change for the listener. Aspects of this rare gift from Spirit can literally be squashed by MP3 format, resulting in potential losses for the listener in regards to in-depth healing and transformation.

If your purpose is to receive the FULL BENEFIT and FULL BANDWITH of ALL the subtle healing tones and frequencies, we recommend the CD. This may not be so important for most music, but it has been shown to be true for this music.

(spontaneous combustion??)

"Attunement is a true miracle... A live performance captured with a minumum of engineering and recorded in vivid, spectacular sound. Those expecting another Novus Magnificat or Aeterna need to open their ears to other vistas they may never have suspected existed. But in the lens of Demby's all-encompassing Camera Obscura, Attunement ranges from the raw, sensual cries of the Demby Earth Mother to the Bachian passages of organ and chorus. The textures are constantly changing, like the colors and fragrances of a secret garden. You round another corner and are greeted with an even more beautiful blossom than before....such is the power of Attunement.

This CD demands careful listening and will ultimately prove to be Demby's masterpiece of spontaneous composition (spontaneous combustion??)

It does smoke at times...the fire from the earth's inner core. A stunning CD that deserves the widest possible exposure!" -David DeLucia

NOTE: New sound samples will be up soon.
Listen to tracks

 1. Bringing down the Silence - 14:42
 "Attunement begins with the atmospheric "Bringing Down the Silence," a massive exhale, a cosmic benediction, and (with Connie's total-depth-vocals) a bodily engagement." review -CWright

 2. Strings of my Heart - 6:52  "Strings of My Heart" is pure loveliness, a rhapsodic melody for harp and strings." -CWright

 3. Out of the Mist - 3:30  "Out of the Mist" features a solo flute with drone, that later huffs up to a huge bagpipe band with bass drums, all echoing through the valleys of the mind, banging boldly on the heart. Very ennobling!" -CWright

 4. Eyes in the Mirror - 4:37  "Eyes in the Mirror" another deep offering, similar to the first track...

5. Fathoms (Space Bass) - 8:37  "The pivot of the album is "Fathoms," which features Connie playing the ten-foot sonic steel sculpture, and sounds like the roar of the universe... you will probably not hear such an all-encompassing sound work you over, ream you out, and massage every neuron." -CWright

6. Deep Mother - 9:02 -  "Once worn down, there's no escaping "Deep Mother" who works her raw sensuality and midwife-compassion through goddess-Connie's voice." -- CWright

7.Gabriels' Dragon - 5:36  "The primordial vibes continue through the lizardy-firebreathing sounds of "Gabriel's Dragon." - CWright

8. Absolution - 8:02 "Absolution," with its lead organ sound, is one of the most gorgeous such compositions you'll hear ... blissful music that would somehow strike a chord in your heart, something that stays with you and is re-awakened here." -Andy Garibaldi.
"Absolution" rips me open" - FUN Radio Romania.

 9. The Light of All - 6:11  "Attunement continues with symphonic stews of somber longing, glistening gleams of redemption, and triumphant clarion bells."- CWright

 10. Ringing in the New - 2:36  "Ringing in the New".....glorious bells wrap up an incredible journey...

"If you take time to listen to it as a whole piece, in one sitting, you will realise the majesty and grandeur, the feel and atmosphere, the playing and composing talent - in fact the very heart and soul - of a master musician at work. The opening fourteen minute track is one of the finest of her career to date, as the scene is set with glorious synths and textures flying all around, making you believe that there's a real group at work and not just one person, the clarity of sound and production, as on the other album, being second to none. The album is both multi-layered, cohesive and consistent ...a sit-down, serious-listening affair, a voyage through space and time that's as good as it gets." -Andy Garibaldi - CD Services, Scotland

".I have listened to your latest album again and again and I am deeply moved. I adore Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor",but "Absolution"(track 8 from "Attunement") rips me open. Through sonic resonance your music moves us from the limits of the ego to the expanses of the soul. It is a Divine Work. I will give it all the play I can and I am honored to broadcast "ATTUNEMENT" on "Journeys to the Infinite,"my show from FUN Radio Romania. - Marius-Christian Burcea, FUN Radio Romania

Feedback from concertgoers and listeners

A step above!,
" Let me tell you that not only is she great, Constance Demby is a step above the rest of ALL the artist in the field of space/new age, and even classical music.
Constance is more of a mixture of all these genre's put together and woven into a spiritually uplifting journey of music that has to be heard to be appreciated. If your thinking of buying her music, stop thinking, and just dive in. She is truly a gift.." -robert tisi

"Heads don't roll - they open - in a Demby concert. The Space Bass actually becomes a "space drill" boring through the crown chakra into the head until you do not resist. It opens one wider than in meditation, so information can be revealed more clearly. After the concert, the top of my head was hot and sore to the touch, and I soon discovered others had the same experience. Her concerts have a profound affect on me, not only for the beauty of the music, but for what remains in consciousness; it creates a temple of spirit like no other has ever done, pushing you beyond your capability to receive. You relax, reflect, twist to open, resist, then go. This procedure is more like an internal workout. The more you put into it the more it gives you. No other artist can reach this depth. I suggest you prepare beforehand your intention to change. You will be met. This is serious work. Your old spirit will unravel for days. Take the journey. It will be "the sound of your life!" -Alan Clancy, healer

"Magical. Enthralling. Enchanting. Moving. Profound. Subtly exhuberant. Deeply touching. Fathomless. Haunting. Ethereal. Inspiring. Heartfelt. Ancient. Delicate. Brazen. Passionate. Cosmic. Galactic. Graceful
But most of all.......BEAUTIFUL. Simply beautiful. Once again... YOU'VE DONE IT!!!!! Tonight... I sat back, dimmed the lights, enjoyed a little wine, lit some amber candles, leaned back, smiled and... GOT ATTUNED. I can't wait to hear you play live... Such energy transmitted over CD. I can't imagine what it must be like to 'feel' it in person. Don't mind me if I bring tissues with me when I'm moved to tears of joy." - Chai

"This was not just a concert. It was an opportunity to ground the music of the spheres into planet Earth and the body Human. For on these concert dates, Dec 17-18, the Sun was at the center of our galaxy, a portal to Source. As Constance grounded the new vibrations through her music, we became the listening instrument for the collective body, the sympathetic strings of the Mother's Heart." - Mark Krueger, metaphysical astrologer

"I am a physician and healer and, during the December concert, I literally watched myself facilitate a non-local healing of a young patient of mine who has deep seated emotional abuse issues. I had no intent to do this before the concert began. The music opened an intuitive part of me that knew where to go and what to do, and took me to the space where it all happened. Several days later, the patient came into my office and, both she and her mother had noticed a profound shift since that night. It was a very magical experience for me and it expanded the forum of healing possibilities that I can now use. Constance's music is something you don't just hear or listen to, you experience it at the deepest level of your being. The harmonic vibrations that she brings forth are a profound gift to this planet, and something everyone should experience." - Dr. Baune, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

"Experiencing Connie's Salon Concerts is being in a temple of profound effect and lasting meaning. It's a situation where those who find their way there 'get' what they don't even know they need. For me - my body deeply relaxed, mind freed, emotions bubbled, light DNA activated, purpose reclarified, soul touched, chakas opened and beautiful connections with others (in multiple ways) .....I want the world to experience this!!" - Cris Beaty, healer and counseler

"I sat down in the back yard to listen, and as I was enjoying "Absolution," my favorite piece with the big organ, the wild peacocks that hang around my area came up to the back fence and stood there transfixed -- all of us listening to this incredible music together under the light of the full moon. The peacocks finally left, but only after the album had finished playing." - Scott

"I observed during the concert that Constance Demby's soundings have the capacity to awaken the higher strands of DNA in our bodies. This means our encoding can be changed from disease, pain and suffering to exultation and light- Viki King, consultant and author

On July 12 I have broadcasted in full length "ATTUNEMENT" at "Journeys to the Infinite"(FUN Radio Romania). My listeners responded:"... a musical pearl."
"The sound of the Space Bass scares me with his other-worldy beauty".
"I think Constance's work has never been better than on ATTUNEMENT".
"This concert is from the other side of the Universe! ATTUNEMENT have all the qualities of a spiritual initiation".
"I feel something unexplainable in my body and mind listening this album. It's a sort of exorcism through music".

Marius-Christian Burcea
FUN Radio Romania."

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