Travel on a Beam of Sound to the Heart of the Universe
with internationally acclaimed, Grammy nominated, award winning,
Master Musician Healer

“A realm of consciousness that words can only attempt to describe.”
-Deepak Chopra

"The Electronica High Priestess of Priestesses"
-Tracks Across the Universe

“One of the world's greatest living musicians,
Constance Demby may well be the most important woman composer
of classical and innovative music of our time."
-Jean Houston, PhD

“If ever there were a choreographer of the ineffable, Demby is it."

"Constance Demby, a shaman's shaman,
belongs in the ranks of the great space music artistes."
-A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music

“The Godmother of contemporary classical electronic music.”
-The Daily FarCast

“Constance Demby isn’t just a musician or a composer, she is
something altogether different: a portal, a walking catalyst, an event.”

"A 21st century Bach / Mozart / Beethoven"

"The undisputed founder of Symphonic Sacred Spacemusic."
- International Acclaim Reviews

An internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated, award winning performing and recording artist, Constance Demby has been hailed as a 21st century Mozart / Bach / Beethoven, a tall order for anyone to be associated with, but in Constance’s case one founded on an extraordinary musical and creative talent that is testimony to her prolific output and the profound healing both listeners and participants experience, alongside critical acclaim that has followed her every step of progress in a career spanning decades.

In live concert, Constance presents a range of sonic environments, accompanied by her penetrating voice: the Cosmic-Electronic-Symphonic Orchestra performed on digital sampling synthesizers, the Hammer Dulcimer with over 100 vibrating strings, and the Sonic Steel Space Bass, a ten foot sheet of steel that produces deep, primoridal, resonant sounds. An original design by Demby, the Sonic Steel Instruments have been recorded by Lucas Skywalker Studios for use in their filmscores, and also filmed by Discovery Channel at Gaudi's Parc Guell for "The Power of Music."  

A classically trained artist performing since the age of 12, Demby's music has been compared by critics to Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, Palestrina, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, Puccini, Debussy, Ravel, Copland, Mahler, Vivaldi, Faure, etc. Her focus has included one-woman shows of her paintings and sculptures in Greenwich Village Galleries, which culminated in the major multimedia presentation, SPACE MASS, a spectacular multi-media production merging music, myth, art, and spirit. .

A renaissance woman, Demby is composer, performer, innovator, instrument designer, painter, sculptor, multi-media producer, and healer for our times. She has developed a major film trilogy presently in first stage development.


ENGLAND / UK Sacred Sites Tour

JAPAN / Live in TOKYO / Concert Series

EGYPT / Performance at the Great Pyramid & King's Chamber,

SPAIN / Extensive Touring all over Spain

BRAZIL / Sao Paulo / Rio De Janeiro

CANARY ISLANDS / Double bill with Paul Horn & Pauline Oliveras

COLORADO / Double bill with Paul Winter Consort

BERKELEY, CA / Double bill with Peter Michael Hamel

SAN FRANCISCO - The Fillmore / Double bill with Todd Rundgren


IONS International Conference" with

Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ervin Lazlo, Satish Kumar

"Festival of Sacred Music" with His Holiness the
Dalai Lama

“The Inner Reaches of Outer Space" with

George Lucas / Joseph Campbell / Gene Roddenberry

“Path of the Labyrinth” with author & mystic
Andrew Harvey

“The Creative Leap” with
Jean Houston

Conference in Hawaii with
Terence McKenna

Asilomar Conferences with
Brugh Joy/ / David Spangler

Sound Healer Conference with
Tom Kenyon

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"A Transdimensional Communication Device"

original design, the Space Bass
has been recorded by
Lucas Skywalker Studios for their filmscores,
and filmed by
Discovery Channel for their specials.

Dedicated to exploring the healing power of sound and it's ability to alter consciousness,
countless reports & letters have been received from those who experienced a major shift, a healing of life-threatening conditions, an awakening to their true purpose, etc... by experiencing the energies inherant in the music. Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Healers, etc, have used the music in their practice to deepen and facilitate their work with patients.

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"I can tell by your music that you have accessed something
far greater than most people can even comprehend.”

"A true gift to mankind"
-H. Zhang / Scalable Visions

"Music is a realm of consciousness the listener enters by traveling on a beam of sound. The more authentically the composer is connected to Source, and the more they can "get out of the way" when they receive the music, the purer the transmission, and the more potent the effect upon the listener. Essentially, the listener can go as far and as deep as the composer went when receiving the music."
-Constance Demby

Classical Comparisons

"The Mozart Requiem of the New Age ."
Audio Amateur

"....Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Wagner, and Puccini, stand aside. And at the very pinnacle, Beethoven himself must share some space with you."
Schmidt Memorial Institute

"There is no other recording in the electronic genre rooted in the harmonies of Bach and the romantics that is so heartfelt, so will be moved "
- USA Today

"This listener was a times reminded of Palestrina, Debussy or Ravel, and even at one point of Copland. The opening passage is a tribute to Bach's monumental organ works..." -Sunday Post

"...Belongs right up there with Beethoven's "Ninth,"Handel's "Messiah," Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and Mozart's "Requiem" as one of the great inspirational and spiritual compositions of all time!"

"Bach-like organ crescendos, Vivaldi-like string passages...." -Pulse Mag

"....The sheer scale, richness and depth of the piece is truly MAGNIFICENT. The first side brings to mind Brahams at the level of the divine, and the second, Bach-Handel-Mozart and the rest of the classicists in heaven." - D. Hallock

"I believe your music will join and surpass the great clssics created by masters such as Beethoven and Wagner." - Mahuleia Kealualei

"The final movements of Mahler's 8th Symphony, or Debussy's Afternoon of a Faun come close to comparison..." - Gerry Gryzb

"A remarkable tour de force, (AEterna) the lushly romantic sounds remind one of Rachminoff and Tchaikovsky."

"Your music helps to save me from myself. "Darkness of Space" ranks in depth, spiritual quality and sheer beauty with Bach, Mahler and Pachebel's Cannon."
- P. Winston

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