Our world can be seen as a vast symphony
of individual vibratory sound patterns,
all interweaving to create the very substance of life,
the symphony of life

Vibration is at the root of all creation.
Sound is the force
which groups all things, from atoms to worlds.

Every molecule of matter is intoning its tone.
Every leaf, atom, particle, planet, galaxy,
every cell in our body is humming its own tune.
Even as we were being born,
as our bodies were being formed,
a chord was being intoned,
our own individual chord

The whole universe is moving
in perfect mathematical harmony.
And this is the music of the spheres,
the divine mathematics,
the sacred geometry of creation.

When God first spoke,
sound came forth.
Sound holds the key
to the mysteries of the universe,
the key to the creation and sustaining of our world.

Music is the word of God.