New! Ambient Atmosphere Series

An extended, digitally re-mixed, re-mastered version
by JIM WILSON / Tulku Music


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Created by Jim Wilson, this enchanting recording contains two tracks: the natural sounds of chirping crickets, and the crickets played several octaves lower.

Though it may sound like a synthesizer or a chorus singing; it's the crickets themselves slowed way down, creating the effect of a choir of human voices. The sound created is a simple diatonic 7-note scale chord progression and melody with a multi-layered structure.

The recording can be played continuously in the background to create a natural soothing atmosphere for peace, serenity, and healing direct from Mother Nature.

The current version is an extended digitally remixed and mastered version taken from the original recording entitled
"Ballad of the Twisted Hair" from the album "Medicine Songs" by David Carson and Little Wolf Band
produced by
Jim Wilson and released on Raven Records.
© Jim Wilson & David Carson, God's Cricket Chorus 1992

Crickets are considered to be a Sign of Good Luck...
Throughout history, people have kept caged crickets to enjoy their song.

Crickets lay hundreds of eggs, a symbol of vitality and success. Crickets have played a strong role throughout Chinese, Japanese and Native American cultures as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity.

Safety and Protection
Due to their sensitivity to predators, singing crickets will silence if something encroaches upon their territory. Thus, they are considered great protection by alerting of approaching intruders with their sudden silence.

Crickets are considered good luck by most Native American tribes. Cricket wisdom is said to represent joy, intuition, power of belief. A cricket's ability to jump is said to offer the power to leap over a difficult situation. With the cricket as your totem, you can travel through darkness with sound.

The activities of crickets are tied to the quality of the weather; it has been proven, that the number of chirps a cricket makes over a certain amount time can be an accurate indicator of the current temperature.

The chirping of crickets is considered calming in Chinese culture, providing a sense of comfort and companionship.

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Ambient Atmosphere Series