How to listen for the deepest effect and a "full immersion"

For NOVUS MAGNIFICAT, AETERNA, SANCTUM SANCTUORUM, SPIRIT TRANCE, SACRED SPACE MUSIC - and others as well, but especially for these albums) - we recommend that you listen “frontally” at least for the first time.

That is, prepare for the experience so that you will be able to give the music your full attention with no interruptions as you receive the tones. Without your full absorption, you could miss the potent emotional impact the music can deliver, for the music has frequencies and tones encoded within it that can potentially impact one down to the cellular level. One being stated that it is not really considered music, but what they call - "Sonic Encoded Data Transmissions Systems"

To prepare for a full immersion, turn off phone and phone machines, seclude yourself, close the door, turn down the lights, turn UP the volume, boost the bass frequencies, (good earphones are OK too), and relax deeply as the music takes you on a journey. If you wish, you may ask to be taken to “the same realms from which the music came.”

Since sound is a carrier wave for intention, you can also experiment with the tones by sending them to specific parts of your embodiement that may need healing.

By listening in this way, many listeners have experienced life changing events, powerful healings, altered consciousness, gotten in touch with guidance, viewed past lives, had spontaneous healings, with some even being rescued from suicide attempts. You can read these letters at

Blessings and have a good journey!