Light of this World

"A lot of albums claim "best of"; this one delivers.
Demby is a visionary musician, and this album should whet your appetite for more." - AMG

"Your music helps to save me from myself. "Darkness of Space" ranks in
depth, spiritual quality and sheer beauty with Bach, Mahler and Pachebel's Cannon." -P. Winston


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Frank Forest - Musical Starstreams


Miracle Story- with LIGHT of this WORLD - SCROLL DOWN TO READ

“Demby sounds remarkably like Bette Midler...” - SCROLL DOWN TO READ

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Tracks - Listen

1. Light of this World - 6:55
2. Sunborne - from Sunborne - 4:20
3. The Flying Bach - from Novus Magnificat - 6:05
4. Radiance - from Sacred Space Music - 4:50
5. The Dawning - from Sunborne - 4:11
6. My Heart Doth Soar - from Novus Magnificat - 3:56
7. Darkness of Space - from Sunborne - 6:50
8. The Longing - from Sacred Space Music - 5:33
9. The Chakoor Bird - 6:30
10. Gurudev Aja - from Constance Demby at Alaron - 3:49
11. OmManiPadmHum - from Skies above Skies - 3:46
12. God Is - from Skies above Skies - 3:28
13. Sanctus - 2:37

A "Best Of" Compilation Album, showcasing 13 pieces from albums Demby has recorded since 1978. A great way to sample her incredible range of styles, and her earlier recordings, many of which are classic jewels.

"If we were to select one musician who embodies the evolutionary spirit of New Age music, that musician might well be Constance Demby. As Demby evolves, so evolves New Age music. Many of these compositions from her new "best of" album take us deeply inward, to the still point of sacred silence....Demby has led the way developing spacious contexts, meditative innerspace moods and heartfelt uplifting emotions. Now, she adds another feather to her cap. New Age music is multi-dimensional and so is Constance Demby. Today she's got it all." - Lee Underwood, Body Mind Spirit

"Light of this World” offers a sampler of the music from Demby's 1978 Skies above Skies through the 1986 masterpiece Novus Magnificat; two bonus tracks were written for this compilation album. The title track opens the album, an inspiring pop vocal piece in which Demby sounds remarkably like Bette Midler.
A lot of albums claim "best of"; this one delivers. Demby is a visionary musician, and this album should whet your appetite for more."- AMG


Miracle Story
with "Light of this World"

"We were on the last leg of a road trip, headed west in our old gas-guzzling car. We were headed for the mountains around mid-afternoon, climbing rapidly into the higher elevations when the winds picked up and snow started falling. After a while, all we saw were big rigs and snow plows.. The gas tank was getting low. Every time we took a turn-off, following signs to gas stations, we would drive for several miles to find the business was closed. We had no choice but to keep going. This went on for miles. The gas tank was on empty. We kept driving.

Gradually, I became gripped by an almost uncontrollable fear as I realized the actuality of our situation. I started playing "Light of This World" over and over on my cassette player, blasting it into my head phones. As the passenger, I felt totally helpless. I noticed it was about 2am. We kept driving, I kept listening and praying that the batteries wouldn't run out. Listening to, and singing along with,  the song was the only thing that kept me from going into a state of total, uncontrollable terror.

We drove ON EMPTY for 3 hours, until 5 am. When we started to come down out of the mountains, there was no more snow. In the distance, we could see a light. As we got closer, we could see that we were approaching a truck stop. I thought it was a mirage. It was open. We got gas, food, and were even allowed to use the showers (only truckers were normally allowed to use them). We felt that we had been given a miracle.

I believe that the music opened the channel for this to take place. This was my most profound experience with music therapy!!! Thank you, Constance!!! " - Gaile Gamble

p.s. - It is such a deeply moving piece of music. It's the most perfect song I have ever heard. I love the tempo, the voices, the harmonies - and I LOVE the words. I have been in tears at times while listening. " - Gaile

"I've listened over and over to that first song, it never fails to lift my spirit. It's such a joy to be able to hear the finest moments, the incredible variety of Constance's music all in one album."- Gary M.

"What a journey deep into Constance, all of her aspects. She is multi-varied, multi-talentted, a treasure!"
- Guy Tunner

" Darkness of Space"
lyrics from
The Emerald Tablets

Shadows around thee are falling,
Darkness fills all the space.
Shine forth Oh Light of the Man Soul,
Fill thou the darkness of space,
The darkness of space.

Shadows of darkness surround thee,
Life fills thee with it's flow.
But know, Oh Man, thou must arise,
And forth from thy body go.
Far to the planes that surround thee,
And yet are one with thee too.
One with thee too.

Look all around thee, look all around thee.
Oh Man , see thine own light reflected,
Even in the darkness around thee,
Thine own Light pours forth through the veil.
Pours through the veil.

Thy Light, Oh Man, is the Great Light.
Shining through the shadow of flesh.
Free must thou rise from the darkness,
Before thou art one with the Light.
One with the Light.

Copyright 1999-2000 Constance Demby.  All Rights Reserved.