"The Inner Reaches of Outer Space"

Joseph Campbell, George Lucas, & Gene Rodenberry
Palace of Fine Arts, SF

I performed at this event which took place in the early 1980s at the beautiful, inspiring Palace of Fine Arts. Joseph Campbell was presenting, as well as George Lucas and Gene Rodenberry. We all had lunch backstage, and soon, Joseph Campbell and I found ourselves in deep conversation about myth, mysticism, symbolism and all manner of fascinating subjects. I remember glancing at George Lucas, who was silent most of the time. He was in the presence of a man he deeply admired, the man who would inspire him and guide him in crafting the hero's journey for the Star Wars adventures. It was a thrilling lunch - I didn't touch my food. Afterwards, George Lucas and Gene Rodenberry watched as I performed the Sonic Steel Instruments. When I came off stage, George mentioned, "Very interesting instruments..."

I suggested that the Sonic Steel would be most fitting in the bar scene of Star Wars. I'd even dress up as an alien in a silver suit and play the Space Bass. Eventually the Space Bass was recorded at Skywalker Studios for use in their filmscores, including "Artificial Intelligence."