The Great Pyramid at Giza

Performance at the foot of the Great Pyramid
Power Places Tours produced a tour to Egypt featuring my performance at the foot of the Great Pyramid, which was grandly lit up for the performance. It was a transcendant experience, everyone present was transported to another realm, and the effect was so deep that after the performance the artist had no memory of the concert, it was that profound.

Initiation and Sacred Chant inside the King's Chamber
I led two separate groups inside the King's Chamber, an American group and a Japanese group. The sarcaphogus was struck to intone the note "A" while participants were led in a sacred chant designed specifically for the initiation, using two mantras, two notes "A" and "E", activating the Father and the Mother meridian energetic points. Each participant had an opportunity to lay down inside the sarcaphogus to receive their personal initiation. When I came out of the Kings Chamber after being there for three hours, I realized how powerful this site is; all my chakras were perfectly attuned, each one spinning precisely with an overall effect of being completely cleared and emptied out.

We toured to
many wonderful temples, yet one thing that I remember is sitting on the banks of the Nile, watching a barge come across loaded with people. Some young men had drums and tambourines, and as the boat sailed across they spontaneously started chanting, drumming and dancing, the crowd joining in with them. Now that's how I'd like to live my daily life...!

After the events at Giza, we sailed up the Nile to some of the great temples and tombs, where I had many memories come up, especially at Philae, the Temple of Isis. As I entered the small chamber the people who were there all left, as I knew I had to be there alone. Isis then came and enfolded me with her great wings as our energies merged; then as tears came up, together we cleared the lifetimes and karmas that occured so long ago.

Riding Horses in the Desert
The great pyramid behind us....
Dancing in the Streets
The Egyptians are a mystical and passionate people, and I felt very at home with them. In this photo I had come upon a dancing horse with a small band of musicians that brought me such joy, that I stopped to dance with them in the streets of Cairo. This is a treasured memory from my visit to Egypt, because when I returned to the US, and walked down the streets, they seemed barren and lifeless by comparison; no colorful street life, no one talking to each other, no musicians or dancing horses in the streets to sing and dance with, to be in joy with.