S A C R E D S I T E S UK T O U R - 2005

The SACRED SITES UK TOUR 2005 was dedicated to the
clearing, opening and re-invigorating of Englands Sacred Sites;
We toured to Bury St Edmund Cathedral, Royston Caves,
Marlborough, Glastonbury, plus a powerful Sunrise Ceremony at Stonehenge
The Sacred Sites Tour was produced by Jonathan Trapman / www.yoga-ez.com

“You have come to bring life-changing gifts to the people...”

“Your work is MAGNIFICENT, hugely important sacred work for the world.”

“You're making a difference in so many people's lives, and making a difference for the entire planet... ”

“Your work has been a major part of unblocking the grids that on a planetary level, were blocked for centuries here in Britain, The Centre of the Control Agenda.”

“You came here to help THE DRAGON CLAN of BRITAIN to wake up.”

“After the Marlborough Sonic Immersion I've wondered precisely what occurred to account for the warmth, comfort and recognition which moved in...”

“Childhood stuff is still coming up for me, deeper and deeper into the onion.
You really are being used for large-scale clearance”

“You are like Saint Constance... ”

“You are empowered to cleanse and heal the Great Rainbow Serpent here in The Sacred Land of Britain; Thank you for this Historic Work to help complete the Great Plan.”

During the lunch break, I fell and cut my knee - a bleeding gash about 3" long. Constance put her hand on it and sang to it, and afterwards, the flesh just closed up!”


“Constance is a very powerful activator."

“So much has changed for me on a personal level and a cosmic level since the events. They were both a great awakening and a remembering of why I'm here so I could move forward with my life. You are a great inspiration.”

“I know many people there had clearings done and completed. I explained to my friend that what she was experiencing was deep cellular level clearing.”

“Thank you for doing this very important work. We need this now in our universe and beyond.”

“I am an MD, and that's the best nights sleep I've had in 20 years; my energy feels much more centered and grounded.”


"The concert in Brighton had a profound and exhilirating effect on my nature. With my current faculties I saw many changes through the perfomance; first two large and very tall beings entered the hall and stood amongst us. A cloud of light opaque blue came over people while old thought forms were extracted."


"When you played the electronic keyboards, many small golden beings poured into the audience who then worked on everyone.

With the Space Bass came the most far reaching cleansing of all; many were relieved of parasitic elementals and other entities that were causing dysfunction in the breath of life. This is a small summary of what I observed."


When I arrived in England, just for fun I put out a request to have a crop circle appear
to indicate the upcoming Constance Demby Sacred Sites Tour.
A little while after my request, the following crop circle appeared on the 9th of August in Shalbourne, Wiltshire.

I had never seen a crop circle quite like this one, and we realized that the image
was that of the reverse side of a CD disc.
The CD representation also refers to CD - Constance Demby.
I also noticed that it appeared on the 9th day, which is the day of my birth.
Hmmm... Weird or what...? And if nothing else, it's all great fun!


From the Heights to the Depths...

Read about the soaring heights of
and the paranormal events that
took place there

Enter into the depths of
where the Knights Templar met
for Initiations


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In this photo above,
I am poised
in front of the
entrance to a
Fairy Deva realm
which we discovered
Hazlewood House

.The Sacred Sites tour was produced by Jonathan Trapman of www.yoga-ez.com.
A big thanks to Jonathan and all the wonderful helpers who went to great
.lengths to put this tour together.