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'Signals From Space'
Received by
Constance Demby

A few months after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, I was in my home recording studio preparing for a Salon Concert, when I heard a strange sound suddenly come through the speakers. The first thought I had was - " They're HERE!" I immediately sensed something alien about them, something not earthbound. They sounded like a series of sounds, blips and bleeps in a cyclical pattern, with high beeps placed irregularly inside the pattern, and I immediately turned on the tape recorder to record the signals, which were being transmitted through my recording studio using the "Emulater II" - the first digital sampling synthesizer created by EMU, (and the synthesizer that helped to create "NOVUS MAGNIFICAT - Through the Stargate".)

For the next nine months, I received various signals. At one point, a facilitator explained - from his viewpoint - what was occuring: the signals had been sent from Maya, the main star on the Pleiades, to a nearby craft here on earth and then transmitted from the craft directly into my Emulator II. And that if I didn't suspect it already, I was a contactee, and they wanted to contact me through sound.
He also said I had a fan club on the Pleiades...Ha!

I asked - how did they get into my equipment?
Response - "Simple; 'they just move an atom over."
I asked - why do the signals have so much static in them?
Response - "Because they have to transmit through the thick 'density of thought' in the atmosphere here on earth."

Soon after this report, I transmitted a request to please try and clean up the signals if possible. On the eve of my birthday, a new signal came through; it was incredibly clean and clear, and all the static had been removed. As I listened, I realized they had managed to insert a line from our Happy Birthday song into the series of beeps and blips. It was the best birthday present I've ever received.

An interesting item in this equasion: during the time of the Harmonic Convergence, there was an "unusual opening" to universal energies in our local star system. This period was approximately six months in length, and the signals arrived during this special opening, and then dissappeared once the time envelope had closed.

So once the signals stopped -- they never returned again; and for a while afterwards, night after night I would sit there next to the equipment, waiting in vain for contact - like a lovesick teenager waiting by the phone hoping her boyfriend would call...Sigh!

Eventually I sent the signals to SETI for analysis. They wrote back to say that the signals did not contain the typical waveform they look for that indicates that the signal has come from outer space. But - this did not mean that they weren't extra-terrestrial in origin. This independant analysis confirmed for me the data I had originally been given; that the sounds did not come from outer space; but from a nearby craft in the earths atmosphere, therefore could not have had the typical waveform from outer space.


1 Hello Hello; We are Here
2. Starship Lullaby
3. Distant Signals
4. Far Far Away
5. Engine Room
6.Signals from Space
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