S p i r i t T r a n c e

 Symphonic, hypnotic, ambient...from the heart-rending tones of "Legend,"
through time and space, earth and cosmos, into deep-toned heartbeats
and spiritual trance states. Masterfully blended, and encoded with the depths of soul
we have come to expect from Constance Demby

artwork by Daniel Holeman - http://www.awakenvisons.com

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1. Legend - 6:51  
Filmscore Excerpt
From the filmscore: "James Dean - an American Legend"
2. Cosmos - 7:33 Filmscore Excerpt from - "I AM"
3. Paths to Prayer - 8:04 Filmscore Excerpt from -- "I AM"
4. Ave's Trance - 5:41 Spirit Trance mix from "Ave Maria " by Schubert
5. Ocean of Life - 6:20 Filmscore Excerpt from - "I AM"
6. Earth Tones - 6:20 Filmscore Excerpt from - "I AM"
7. Into Her Center - 5:43 Spirit Trance mix from - "Into the Center " --Set Free
8. The Annointing - 9.51 Spirit Trance mix from - "Om Mani Padme Hum" -- Skies Above Skies

The film "I AM" is a multi-leveled journey that travels through time and space, earth and cosmos, the creation of life, the elements, the history of civilization& world religions, concluding with earth's ascension. Constance worked with an enormous range of concepts, images, textures and emotional tones in the film.The excerpts included represent the essence of the journey. produced by ISSO (International Space Science Organization- info@dimension7.com)

The song "Legend" was originally composed for the film “JAMES DEAN – AN AMERICAN LEGEND” but due to complications with the James Dean Foundation, the film by director Alan Hauge never made it to the big screen.)


"This is a masterful spiritual journey from one of the best of the genre, the first lady of e-music – the talented, legendary and beautiful Constance Demby.. She continues her tradition of "Sacred Space Music" with these eight compositions – including spirit trance mixes of two previously released tracks and a spirit trance transcription of Franz Schubert's "Ave Maria," destined to be an e-music and ambient classic!

Indeed, the entire CD IS already a classic! These soundscapes and atmospheres are gentle and soft, exactly what listeners and meditaters have come to expect, know and crave from Constance's music. The music has strong holistic healing and psychoactive overtone properties. Those qualities set the disc apart from the madding throng. They also place Constance in the perpendicular universe – rare air, indeed! This marvelous CD belongs in every serious meditater's collection. It is an absolute must-have!"
Jim Brenholts / Reviewer, ambientvisions.com

"One night I was really sad and confused hoping to reach "the higher power"
and that is when I first listened to your song
'The Annointing'. This music
activated me....
it literally annointed me. After this experienced, I knew for the
first time I was truly awake, happy with endless energy ... I could not sleep
that night. Thank you for helping me."
- Kusum

 "New studio album made up of previously unreleased tracks from two films plus new mixes of two early tracks - and it's just wonderful!!! Full of sweeping strings, rippling piano chords, endless miles of deep, rich, soaring, resonant synth textures and layers, this is music to melt the iciest of hearts. With tracks between six and nearly ten minutes in length, you'll delight to hear a set of the most gorgeous sounds, that are essentially music for space rather than space music, as angelic chords, high-flying backdrops and positively galaxian electronic horizons, cruise into view on a
trip that takes you to the stars and beyond.

Warm, deep, comfortable, yet solid and strong, produced to perfection, and surrounding you in a cocoon of synth music splendour, as synths, keys, occasional choral voices and deep bass textures all provide the soundtrack to the ultimate space movie in your mind. This is quite stunning and one that can't fail to move you every time you play it, so full of atmosphere, so lovingly composed and played and a joy from start to finish." - Andy Garibaldi - Dead Earnest CD Reviews.

"Constance Demby is known as a musician who gives voice to spaceships and stargates, but on SPIRIT TRANCE, she returns to earth with a grounded and deeply felt collection of film music and rare re-mixes. After being nominated for the New Age Grammy with NOVUS MAGNIFICAT, Demby became known for her celestial harmonies and her ability to turn sound effects into real, evocative music.

Her talent for giving life to unique sounds is evident on the albums stand-out track, "Ocean of Life", where underwater echoes convey the enormity of the sea, while short, high notes vibrate like schools of fish moving though the dark. "Legend" is a grand, sweeping piece that was written for an unreleased film about James Dean. On this track, Demby gives a sonic portrait with all the pathos you would expect from a 500-page tome on the actor.

The earthbound tone of this album may surprise some of her fans, but careful listening reveals the artist's signature style. Symphonic and spiritual, TRANCE speaks to the soul and transports the listener to new realms without leaving the planet." -CD Universe

"Constance Demby is a prophet who speaks to us not in words, but music. Her music has annointed this world for some time, guiding us on an epic, sonic journey into the depths of spiritual feeling and discovery. SPIRIT TRANCE continues this journey, and words alone are inadequate to describe the depth, scope and emotion of this latest, magnificent work. Mysterious, alluring and compassionately welcoming, the music heals the soul as worries drain away, replaced with gentle healing and a sense of universal wonder. After hearing it, personal growth is a certainty. In this day and age of unease and world turmoil, her music is a remedy for souls that need soothing, wonder and hope."
- Chaiworks

"Constance Demby is a pioneer in space music. Her album NOVUS MAGNIFICANT pretty much defined ambient musical styles in the late 80's and remains a benchmark of the sub-genre to this day. It's nice to know that almost two decades later, Demby still is making music that stands head and shoulders above the rest. SPIRIT TRANCE is a collection of film score excerpts (including the stirring theme from "James Dean - An American Legend" and several quasi-spiritual compositions from "I Am") and re-imagined pieces from her past repertoire. Each of these selections features an intricate array of space effects, vocal and chant textures, synthesizers that exhibit the sweeping grandeur of a symphony and isolated piano melodies that seem to wander amid the spacious backdrops. Complex and transcendent, this trip through the cosmos is a journey you won't want to miss."- Blue Eagle Books

"Constance Demby, composer of the Grammy nominated masterpiece, Novus Magnificat, has returned to the forefront of visionary New Age recordings with Spirit Trance. Developed from a variety of sources, including her acclaimed motion picture soundtracks, Spirit Trance has roots in nearly the entire span of her groundbreaking career. Arranged and blended to weave a seamless starry fabric, we are transported into deeply beautiful places within and beyond the self. Highly recommended." -L. Starkey, East West Bookstore

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