An ambitious five-part tone-poem inspired by

The Emerald Tablets
an ancient script by
Thoth / Hermes Trismegestus

Featuring the Award Winning Song - DARKNESS OF SPACE”

DARKNESS OF SPACE”- #1 on the TOP TEN PLAYLIST- http://www.astreauxworld.com

Top Airplay Favorite- Frank Forest - Musical Starstreams


Tracks - Listen

1. the Dawning - 8:22
2. Darkness of Space - 6:38
3. Lift Thine Eyes - 7:09
Sunborne - 6:01
One with the Light - 7:57

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"Sunborne is a full-bodied, five-movement, symphonic tone-poem with lyrics from the "Emerald Tablets," an ancient text by Hermes Trismegistus.The recording--using keyboard synthesizer, zither, gamelon, the sparkling hammered dulcimer, cheng, tabla, percussion, and vocals--evokes ancient primordial stirrings and heady futuristic space voyages, watery depths and exploding rays of light. The title cut swirls and blips with inner electronic space galaxies powered by a driving percussion and Demby's centered, hypnotic voice. "One with the Light" begins with the breathtaking and resonant Chinese cheng which is then joined by the plaintive cries of the Whale Sail. Its voyage through the empty, echoing void is heartbreaking until Demby's eternal voice encourages its return to the light. Sunborne is both a feast for the ears and an incredible vibrational voyage for the soul. "-- AMG

"Deep interior tunings, extraordinary sounds, a symphonic poem of majesty and power. Beautiful complex sound....a ripping, echoing mineral bath of energizing sensations, calming yet stimulating....Good for guided meditation and to get the creative juices flowing." - Heartsong Review


Listener Response:

"....Your music helps to save me from myself. "Darkness of Space" ranks in depth, spiritual quality and sheer beauty with Bach, Mahler and Pachebel's Cannon. " - P. Winston


".......I am a nurse and work in a nursing home. I have used Sunborne to quiet and soothe several of my brain-damaged, non-verbal patients. " - A. Dobyzelecki .


"...SUNBORNE is a triumphant symphony of light and joy that has served as a valuable medium in my own awakening transformational , inner-healing process. It is truly divine!" - P. Anastasia

"Darkness of Space"
Lyrics from the Emerald Tablets by Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth)

Darkness fills all the space.
Shine forth Oh Light of the Man Soul,
Fill thou the darkness of space,
The darkness of space.

Shadows of darkness surround thee,
Life fills thee with it's flow.
But know, Oh Man, thou must arise,
And forth from thy body go.
Far to the planes that surround thee,
And yet are one with thee too.
One with thee too.

Look all around thee, look all around thee.
Oh Man , see thine own light reflected,
Even in the darkness around thee,
Thine own Light pours forth through the veil.
Pours through the veil.

Thy Light, Oh Man, is the Great Light.
Shining through the shadow of flesh.
Free must thou rise from the darkness,
Before thou art one with the Light.
One with the Light.