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Live in Tokyo DVD

"A Cosmic Symphonic Ceremony"

An exquisitely crafted, hi-level Japanese production with special effects and close-up shots of the artist in action. Captured during Demby's tour of Tokyo, the magic of this Summer Solstice concert was filmed by a ten-man camera team with multiple cameras (on the ceiling, on the keyboards, etc) in a grand hall filled with magnificent temples, sculptures and works of art. The stunning visuals, Demby's inspired music, and the sublime Japanese artistry, combine to make this a classic work of art and an unforgettable experience.


1. Ode to Ancestors
2. Sky Blossoms
3. Deeper Than
4. The Winding Path
5. Mother of the World
6. Tree of Life
7. Dragon's Eye
8. Threshold

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"An outstanding contemporary electronic artist receives the sophisticated
and visionary treatment she deserves here...
" - P.J. Birosik, N A Retail

"For years I have been enjoying Constance Demby's music. As always with her music, the haunting melodies and themes bring that timeless quality into existence...
This is the music of healing, of energetic contemplation, of emerging and expanding sonic vistas of the deepest and truest emotions of the human condition and its essential exploration.

This is A MUST HAVE for any fan of new age and/or space music. Constance Demby is a treasure, and her music is a gift to the world." - Chai Gallahun

"While there are many pretenders to the throne, listeners can be sure that
the music of Constance Demby is the real thing. Few artists express the
majesty and grandeur of the spiritual realms as eloquently as Constance on
her numerous recordings. There are precious few concert DVDs of this genre of music on the market, and even less filmed at this level of sophistication.
Highly recommended." - M. Diamond, New Frontiers

“ 'Live in Tokyo" is Constance's best kept secret!
I find it right in the same league with
"Novus Magnificat" and "Set Free"
which are my favorites (so far). It would be hard to find music that is more
spiritually uplifting and transcendent than these three titles.”
- Br David Landry

Acclaimed harpist Joel Andrews viewed what occurs in a concert:,
"Each different orchestration and musical tone that you choose creates a
different frequency so that the beings present can work on various areas and
chakras. I watched them using a sheet of light to whisk away that which had
been cleared, as another sheet of light was brought in for more work..."
- Joel Andrews

"With my current faculties, beings were seen hovering above the heads of the
audience members, extracing old thought forms and re-energising the whole
As golden beings poured into the space, many people were relieved
of energies that were causing dysfunction in the breath of life..."
- Douglas / Sacred Sites 2005 UK tour

"First thing to say right from the start is that the sound here is so good, you'd never know it was a live album - and that's the truth. There is a unique quality that pervades the best of Demby's music, and that is a spirituality, which is always there - experienced and felt rather than heard and it is this that makes the music such an emotive and emotional journey."
-Andy Garibaldi - Dead Earnest CD Reviews

'Ode to Ancestors'

"Gorgeously expansive synths-based'll hear the whole world of Constance Demby open up before you like no other recording before it. It starts with ‘Ode to Ancestors,’ a distinctly Kitaro-ish feel as synths, flute-synth and strings conjure visions of the Far East set on a heavenly synthesized plateau, as the soundscapes rise up and fill the sir with thoroughly exquisite textures and melodies, slow sounds of deep space rumbling as a distant undercurrent, but all absolutely spellbinding."

'Sky Blossoms'

Then into 'Sky Blossoms' in a heartbeat and here the sound of strings, lilting keyboards and added synth layers all rise in slowly symphonic fashion, creating this warm, building web of synth-dominated beauty, melodies cascading slowly down as the main body of the track fills and drifts in fine melodic, cosmic fashion." - Dead Earnest CD Reviews.

'Deeper Than'

'Deeper Than' is absolutely gorgeous, dominated by warm analogue layers of string synth, deep resonating synth bass and layers of melodies that float and flow, the whole thing almost uplifting and yet calming at the same time, as you just sit transfixed and riveted to the soundscapes that are all around you, with hardly a dry eye in the house."

'The Winding Path'

'The Winding Path' features piano prominently among the strings and space synths, the addition proving be to an almost natural extension of the whole feel of the music as notes and chords ripple and soar, again all incredibly uplifting and quite magical, the melodies touching every part of your soul."

'Mother Of The World'

After this it's directly into 'Mother Of The World' as the slow piano melodies ring out, the strings drift and Demby's sublime heavenly voice chants out, as a welcome tonal coloration to the music that spreads out all around, totally spiritual and absolutely wonderful."

'Tree Of Life'

With its sinuous melodies and deep space bass electronic undercurrents,
'Tree Of Life' starts quite richly textured but with a cosmic quality and great depth, before the Hammer Dulcimer ripples into action, Demby's soaring, wordless chant briefly appears above deep bass rivers and the whole thing flows majestically towards its finale."


'Dragon's Eye' returns to the huge-sounding, uplifting might of synths and strings to create a vast symphony of sound with space synths twittering all around and a feel that is incredibly refreshing."


Finally the album ends in electronic heaven with 'Threshold' - synth strings, space synths, bass rumbles and that sort of vast, expansive choral quality that you hear in cathedrals as the music fills the air creating the magical spells that can only be found in such places, as you finally and slowly ascend to the final resting place of what has been a truly spellbinding musical journey."

- Dead Earnest CD Reviews




Produced by Ken Jenkins, who calls this "visual music" - pictures for your ears, music for your eyes". An experience of light, sound and color designed to nurture harmony, peace and inspiration, and can be used for stress reduction, relaxation, entertainment, meditation, etc. With musical selections by Constance Demby, Iasos, John Serrie, Tom Moore, Char-El, Suzanne Ciani, Steven Halpern.

"... a remarkable collage of sight and sound....a mind bending breakthrough of abstract imagery....leaves jaw dropping viewers mesmerized." -Billboard ****

"... The music is some of the best and most appropriate I've heard for this kind of program...." -Video Review

"The kaleidoscopic, vibrant, ever-shifting patterns of color brought forth a sense of fascination and awe; a deep reminder of the infinite beauty of the universe." - Heartsong Review

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